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World's Top-Selling Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Mix, Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix, Vegan Bliss Non-Dairy Ice Cream Mix, Over 200 Exotic Flavors And Lots More!


Sell Quality and Be Assured of Repeat Customers….

Providing all the products needed to run a successful frozen yogurt / soft-serve ice cream / frozen dessert store.  Your customers want to try new things, explore new flavors, experience new products. Your customers crave high quality, flavor intensity and premium YDC products. 

Create repeat customers and ongoing profits with YDC.


Your Logo. Your Brand. Your Success with YDC Private Label Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Flavor Mixes.
We specialize in Private Label Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Mix, Ice Cream Mix, Sorbet Mix, Soft-Serve Flavoring Mixes and Non-Dairy (Vegan) Mixes. We can private label and custom formulate soft serve frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream, gelato, non-dairy and flavor mixes for you.  Let us know how we can help your brand be in total control. Email us today at [email protected]

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Manufacturer, Distributor, and Supplier of World's Top Selling Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Mix, Ice Cream Mix, Vegan Plant Based Soft Serve Mix, Rolled Ice Cream Mix  and over 200 exotic Soft-Serve Flavors via Magical FlavorsFree shipping in the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada for orders over $199. We ship worldwide.

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Phone: +1 (866) 930-0130
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Canadian HQ Brampton, ON

 It’s A Great Day For Enjoying Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Gelato in the Beautiful USA, Awesome Canada and the Free World. Enjoy your day and Thank you for your business :-)